Viola Front Lace Natural Looking Human Hair Wig


Viola Front Lace Natural Looking Human Hair Wig

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Add a touch of elegance to your look with our luxury virgin hair lace front natural looking human hair wig. The flattering style features beautiful waves that will effortlessly enhance your appearance. This natural-looking human hair wig is...Read more

Add a touch of elegance to your look with our luxury virgin hair lace front natural looking human hair wig.

The flattering style features beautiful waves that will effortlessly enhance your appearance. This natural-looking human hair wig is made from luxury virgin hair with 150% density that's soft to the touch and features a realistic lace front and high-definition bleached knots for an exceptionally natural hairline.

    Viola Front Lace Natural Human Hair Wig Details

    Length: Pictured 14 inches
    Quality: Luxury - Multiple donors
    Density: Pictured 150% Density
    Hair Color: Natural Black
    Knots: High Definition Bleached Knots
    Hairline: Standard Hairline
    Baby Hair: Pictured with baby hair
    Glueless: Add Combs or Straps

    Choose Your Desired Hair Length Choose Your Tress Quality
    • LUXURY Mixed-donors, thick strands, natural black color, lasts 6 to 9 months
    • PREMIUM Single-donor, fine to med strands, cuticle in tack, darkest brown natural color, last 12 to 24
    • Longitivity is contingent to hair care regiments, Our recommendations are  listed

    Choose Your Density 
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    Bleached Knots

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    Viola Front Lace Natural Human Hair Wig requires 5 days to process texture:

    Orders placed after 3:00 p.m. CST will begin processing the following business day. 

    Orders processed Monday thru Saturday.

    • Processed Monday - Ships Saturday
    • Processed Tuesday - Ships Monday
    • Processed Wednesday - Ships Tuesday
    • Processed Thursday - Ships Wednesday
    • Processed Friday - Ships Thursday
    • Processed Saturday - Ships Friday

    Additional Processing Time Required for:

    • 150% Density -add 5 business days
    • 180% density - add 8 business days
    • High Definition Knot Bleaching - add 3 days
    • Add Color to Stock Units - add 7 days


    Please note: Signature is Required for all packages however packages may be held at local Federal Express or Walgreens for pickup. You may request "Hold for Pickup" at check out!



    Detangle Gently

    Gently remove tangles using a Wet Brush Shower Detangler, working gradually from the ends to the root of the hair.

    Combb the wig and hair extensions


    shampoo human hair wig

    Warning: Shampoo should not be applied directly to the wig base. When product build-up accumulates, the knots of the hair system become fragile which causes excessive shedding.

    • Place three tablespoons of Shampoo in a bowl or sink

    • Add lukewarm water until the bowl or sink is half full.

    • Gently mix the water and shampoo together.


    • Wash: Gently dip the system in the water, take it out, repeat four times.

    • Drain: The shampoo water; refill the bowl with clean lukewarm water.

    • Rinse: Dip the wavy wig in the water until there are no traces of shampoo and the water is clear

      Condition Your Wavy Natural Human Hair Wig



      Drying your Wavy Natural Human Hair Wig

      • Gently pat and press the wig with a soft microfiber towel to remove excess water.

      • Refrain from rubbing and twisting the tresses.

      • Place the system on a Styrofoam head

      • Allow to air dry




          What You Need

          • Wide Tooth Comb

          • Spray Bottle with Cool Water

          • Deva Curl Wave Maker

          Let's Get Started!

          • Wet your elegant tresses until they are almost soaking wet with cold water.

          • Take your wide tooth comb or your fingers comb through your waves.

          • Using a cream based wave maker scrunch the wave maker into your hair starting from the ends going upwards toward the roots.

          • Using a microfiber towel or cotton t-shirt lightly dry the hair. A microfiber towel or cotton t-shirt prevent the hair from becoming frizzy. Using a cotton towel damages the cuticles of the hair by absorbing too much moisture causing extra frizz.

          • Depending on the amount of time you have air dry your tresses or use a diffuser to dry your hair. If you are using a diffuser to scrunch your elegant tresses from the roots up if you desire extra volume. If you do not desire extra volume, then place the blow-dryer close to your roots using the cool setting.

          • Occasionally spray a light oil to your hair, such as grapeseed or jojoba oil, to finish off the hair, maintain shine, and/ or to tame flyaways.

          Quick tip: Seal the knots between washing on your 360 lace front wig

          Lace Front Cap

          Customer Reviews

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          Exceptionally professional, they take time to explain in detail any lace wig you are interested. After our conversation I was 100% convinced that I was going to be satisfied. The wig arrived in a beautiful box and I could not believe the quality of the lace wig – Soft, full and natural looking.
          My beautician said, “This is the best lace wig and it looks incredibly natural (you can’t tell it is a lace wig and even part is believable). She then said tell the company you ordered from that it is simply amazing. I am very happy. If anyone is interested in purchasing a Lace Wig from My Elegant Tresses, YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY. I AM SO HAPPY I FOUND A PLACE I CAN TRUST. THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT!!